Dr Nikita Maheshwari

10 Years

Since 2010, Dr. Nikita Maheshwari is teaching post graduate and graduate commerce student and helping build their career in the field of corporate and businesses. From last 8 years, she is doing research in the field of commerce and business world. She had worked as an assistant professor in business administration, and as teaching assistant in IIM Udaipur, and experienced as business case study research associate in IIM Ahmadabad. She also did a marvelous job in Faculty Development Program in IIM Indore.
While Dr. Nikita was doing her research, she found out a recurring pattern of same categorised problems that a business faced. So she thought to solve those problems by letting those businessmen understand the utility of thesechanges in their routine, through which they increased their efficiency by, statistically, 47%.
This process created an extreme urge inside her to dig deep inside SMEs and their working process, through and through. Further she found, that there is a lack of awareness of many scientific tools, techniques and matrixes that can modify their organisational as well as their personal culture / way of doing business.
This whole approach cleared her vision on how she wanted to help the budding entrepreneurs by guiding their knowledge and skills on the right direction with focus on self management and leadership skills.

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