Anti-Sexual Harassment POSH Training In India (POSH Act)

Siddhanta HR Advisory Services regularly conduct awareness and gender sensitization sessions mandated by The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. Colloquially referred to as “POSH Training or POSH Act Training,” these sessions help the employees to get the necessary clarity between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the context of the Act.


POSH Training for Employee Awareness

caters to the entire workforce in the organization. Every employee will have a clear understanding of the POSH Act, what constitutes sexual harassment, tips to prevent online/virtual sexual harassment, the rights of a complainant and respondent, and more.

POSH Training for In-House HR Professionals

to train them on the issue of sexual harassment and create awareness on the penal consequences of the POSH Act. HR officials are trained to report incidents and explain the Sexual Harassment Policy to new employees.

POSH Training for Internal Committee (IC)

trains IC members on their roles and responsibilities to ensure that they are updated about the nuances of sexual harassment inquiry proceedings. We equip IC Members with the knowledge of the procedures outlined in the POSH Act including running an enquiry and submitting the POSH Annual Report.

POSH Training for Managers / Team Leaders

enable them to effectively handle and manage sexual harassment incidents. We enable leaders to build and maintain a culture that inspires trust, respect, and gender equality. We also equip them to take proactive measures to prevent incidents, objectively document the complaint, and cooperate with the IC for investigation.


POSH Act Compliance And Training

The Government of India introduced the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (also colloquially known as “POSH Act”), 2013 in India, to effectively address matters pertaining to sexual harassment of women at their place of work.


The POSH Act mandates that every organization with more than 10 employees should form an Internal Committee (IC) that can facilitate the complaints of sexual harassment of women at workplace. The other crucial requirement is to coach the IC on their responsibilities and also to create awareness within employees and through regular POSH Trainings. Our POSH Training sessions have helped employers to identify potential areas of sexual harassment of women at workplace and address those efficiently. These sessions focus upon educating the IC members and employees about various forms of sexual harassment and the redressal mechanism, thus instilling confidence in them to speak up if they witness any inappropriate behaviour with a sexual undertone.

Where does the POSH Act apply?

All workplaces within India including public or private sector, government, or non-government organizations.

When does it become mandatory for the Employer to constitute an Internal Committee (IC)?

When the number of employees crosses 10 in an organization (and that has female employees), it is mandatory for the Employer to constitute an Internal Committee.

Does the POSH Act apply to organizations employing less than 10 employees?

Yes, POSH Act applies to workplaces with less than ten employees. However, in such a scenario formation of IC is not mandatory.

Who would be responsible for non-compliance towards the provisions of the POSH Act?

CEO, Managing Director, Proprietor, Managing Partner, Directors, owners of business and all such parties who construe as ‘Employers’ would be held responsible for POSH non-compliance.

Our POSH hands-on training sessions provides a detailed overview of the POSH Act, creates awareness on sexual harassment, and educate all employees about the redressal procedures.

Thus, helping in maintaining a positive work environment.

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